Viking Woven Leather Bracelet - Skulls 8mm

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Are you a tough Viking and looking for a bracelet that radiates your personality? Then the Viking woven leather bracelet - Skulls is the perfect choice for you! This bracelet is made of robust vintage leather, which makes it look like it is centuries old. The woven pattern provides an extra tough look.

This bracelet brings you closer to Valhalla, the realm of the god Odin according to the Vikings. They believed that heroes died in battle daily only to be taken to Valhalla at night by Odin's warrior maidens, the Valkyries. With this bracelet on your wrist you will feel like a real hero!

The leather thickness of no less than 8mm ensures that this bracelet will not break easily. Skulls are applied to the link, which makes this bracelet extra rugged. This way you show that you are not afraid of a little adventure.

With this Viking woven leather Bracelet - Skulls you put together your perfect combination. Choose the color that suits you and determine which length fits best on your wrist. Order now and add a touch of toughness to your outfit!


Customer Reviews

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Wendy Visser
The bracelets are not just for women, I also found nice options for men

Very beautiful naturally made bracelet and also for a very affordable price

It's a tribute to Valhalla!!!!! 🗡️💪

As a fan of Viking aesthetics, I love this bracelet. The woven white leather is beautiful and the quality is top.

Ilse Vermeulen
The ability to order personalized bracelets makes your webshop unique

Feels very natural and the quality is very nice. Nothing more than just satisfaction

Maarten Kusters
The price for the quality of my bracelet is really reasonable, I have paid more for less elsewhere

This bracelet will not break easily and is made of good material. Recommended