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Custom bracelets are definitely a relief

Because one side of the bracelet is loose and they supply the correct line, you can easily make the bracelet to your own wrist size. Now I no longer have to order two different sizes. 😮‍💨

Not too noticeable

Exactly what I was looking for.

Ordered two bracelets for my daughters

Mom would have been very happy with this. The company's approach is more than admirable.

Made my family happy

I thank you very much

The double leather is highly recommended

I couldn't find this bracelet anywhere else and that's why I ordered it here. Since you guys keep spamming the Review emails, I've been persuaded to write one

Beautiful bracelet given as a gift

Because you leave the leather open on one side and supply the glue, we were able to easily make the bracelet exactly the right size and we no longer have to order from 10 websites.

The bracelet was not flexible at first

At first I thought the bracelet didn't fit properly. Apparently you have to wear it for a while before it becomes leather-soft. But then you run the risk that you might lose the bracelet. I would mention this on the note that you include with the bracelet. So my tip

Ordered a double beaded bracelet

The bracelet fits nicely. There was a personal note included, which I appreciated in a time where staff shortages and customer service are so poor everywhere

Brown 😮cognac leather

The brown cognac leather costs five euros extra. Fortunately, I was able to use the discount card, so nothing extra was added. Could still enjoy the Black Friday offers 🤫

Very reasonable prices

When ordering, I was unable to fill in the discount card. But within 10 minutes the money was refunded via chat so I still had my discount

Studio with a heart for the business

Very satisfied with the communication and nice that they also support Klarna

I should have ordered here much sooner

After my own bracelet broke, I placed an order here for the first time. Normally I don't write reviews, but because I liked the personal attention so much, I decided to write one anyway. Cheers

Quality bracelet Made of genuine leather

After I ordered a bracelet from another website, I contacted this studio. She assured me that the bracelet is of very good quality and if I wanted the strongest leather, I should go for smooth leather and not fought leather.

My Boris's memory

The paw print is now on my bracelet forever 😭

Fast delivery despite Black Friday🤪🤩

My compliments for the fast service of After I placed the order, I received a call that the photo had too low a resolution. I responded with a new photo and it was shipped within a few hours with a track and trace code. Today I received the bracelet and it was really worth it.

Have your initials put on it

Thank you ! I am very happy with it and the personal note is appreciated

More beautiful than expected

the engraving is deep in the bracelet and is much more beautiful than in the photo you have on the site

Have the poem put on the bracelet before Christmas

my compliments, the bracelet was delivered on Saturday and we already have it ready for under the Christmas tree

I now have my daughter with me forever

To be honest, I put the bracelet in the living room cupboard because I think it's too beautiful to wear and that's saying something

Definitely order more if I had the money

I am extremely happy with my bracelet and would recommend the Photo on Bracelet if you are looking for something that you would not immediately find in the stores

The ordering process was super easy and delivery was fast

But what really makes this bracelet special is the option to have a personal photo engraved. 🎉 I chose an image that perfectly depicts the words "Love You", and the engraving was simply beautiful!

really special!

All in all, I am more than satisfied :D with my purchase and would recommend the Photo Bracelet with your own image to anyone looking for a thoughtful and personal piece of jewelry

Uploading the photo Was not very easy

I tried to upload the photos via the phone, but that didn't work immediately. The end result turned out very nice 🥹

My children are now forever on my bracelet

Thanks to you, I received the package quickly despite my many questions and long hesitations

Good help via chat

My compliments to Nikki for quickly picking up my order