What are Lava Beads?


As the name implies, these beads are formed from lava, which is produced when a volcano erupts. They are a type of igneous rock and madefrom cooled down molten rock. These beads are shaped and smoothed, which leave small cavities that designs the stones. Due to their physical properties, lava beads have a specific purpose. They are regarded as a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength.  now have been dyed to make other colours. When added with other coloured stones, make a very attractive bracelet.

Benefits of using diffuser bracelets


1.)  Never leave home without it.

2.)  Long-lasting aromatic goodness.

3.)  Say goodbye to toxic perfumes.

4.)  You only need a drop - get most for your money.

5.)  It is a unique and stylish everyday accessory.

What oils to use


Not all essential oils are created equally, so picking the right oil is important. The cheap oils out there will turn your lava beads to stain. Young Living oils have been perfected to the finest available, as they are 100% PURE. Their dedication to excellence is what makes Young Living oils stand out from all the rest.